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Fair FAQs

Do I need to register for the Christian College Fairs as a student or parent?

There is no need to register for the fairs.

What is the purpose of getting a bar code for the fair?

Having your own unique bar code will save you time at the fair.  Each college will want to gather your contact info so that they can stay in touch with you throughout the college search process. The college rep will be able to simply scan your bar code at their table instead of waiting for you to fill out their inquiry card.  This will allow you to have a more meaningful conversation and to get your questions answered in a more timely fashion.  And you won’t have to fill out the same info at each table.

Do I need to be there as soon as the doors open for the fair?

The fairs are an open-house, shopper’s fair format.  You can come and go anytime during the scheduled fair time.

Is there any cost to attend the fair as a student or family?

No.  These events are free and open to the public.

Is there a dress code?

There is not a dress code – come wearing what you normally wear to school.  Casual wear is welcome for parents, students and visitors to the fairs.

Who will be at the fairs?

Various Christian Colleges from across the US and Canada.  All have been approved by NACCAP.

How many Christian College Fairs are there?

We have over 125 different college fairs throughout the US and Canada during the Fall months.  In the Spring, there is a circuit of fairs that travels throughout the state of Florida.

Do you offer Christian College Fairs in the Spring?

Yes, but they are currently only offered in the state of Florida.

What is the Financial Aid Workshop?

The Financial Aid Workshop is a great opportunity for parents and students to learn about the financial aid process and how to make a Christian College education affordable.  Each fair will offer at least one 30-minute session.

If I missed my local fair, is there another one I can attend?

Depending on where you live, there may be other fairs that are within a reasonable drive.  Be sure to search for all fairs in your general area.

Which colleges are attending the fair near me?

Each fair’s webpage has a list of schools registered to attend that fair.  The institutions will be a member of at least one of four organizations (NACCAP, the CCCU, ABHE or CHEC).

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please contact NACCAP Headquarters for more information by calling 888-423-2477, or visiting our Contact page.

What is NACCAP?

The North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals is a professional development organization for those who work in the role of guidance or admissions at various high schools, colleges/universities and graduate schools across North America.  More info can be found at

I am interested in a Graduate School/Seminary.  Will they be at the fairs?

A few of the Christian College Fairs will have Adult programs represented (Graduate, Seminary & Continuing Education).  Each fair’s webpage will indicate whether these programs will be represented.