Choosing the right college can be a monumental feat.  After months of planning, college freshmen arrive at their dream school but within weeks some of them start to think they’ve made the wrong decision.  Something doesn’t add up and suddenly the school that seemed to be perfect becomes the school some students want to get away from.

It’s not uncommon.  Transferring from one university to the next happens every semester.  Students questioning whether they made the right move in their academic career might want to think about these reasons for transferring today.

The School Doesn’t Offer Your Degree

The purpose of higher education is to get an education.  So if a student suddenly realizes that her university doesn’t offer a degree in the field of their choice, she should look for one that does.  Many business and nursing students do this.  They start in one college and then transfer with good grades to a school that specializes in their desired concentration within business or nursing.

Money Matters

Some students start college with the plan to transfer in two years from an affordable community college into a private school that offers programs they want for their bachelor’s degree.  The transition from associates degree to a full four year degree can save thousands of dollars.  Even better, students can find online classes that will help accelerate learning through the last two years. Nyack College offers its online bachelor’s in Organization Management which helps students finish in 16 months.  In the end, time is money as well.

Social and Pseudo-Academic Scene

Pursuing a useful degree is important in college but students who can engage in clubs and academic societies will find that they are better prepared to interview and network after college.  So what if a student’s school doesn’t offer the visual arts or business school clubs that she needs?  What if there are no honor societies?  Beyond this, a university may be too small or big.  It may be a “suitcase” college or a “party” school.  What if the student doesn’t fit into the overall social structure of the institution?  It may be time to leave.

Making the decision to transfer is different than planning your transfer.  Students who acknowledge that their current school is not for them can now begin planning a new chapter of their lives.  They can go back to their original list of colleges that they were interested in.  They can research new ones in the area or across the country.  But overall, transfer students can begin to look at new opportunities and a fresh start as early as the following semester.

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