It’s time! It’s time to start narrowing down your university choices. One of the best ways to narrow that list down or even make your final choice, is to make a visit to each campus you are considering. Here are a few pro-tips for your campus visits.

1) Schedule the actual visit: This may seem pretty obvious but it’s also number one on this list for a reason. The university you are about to visit wants to know you are coming. Universities have a certain process set up to accommodate visitors. They have this process set up to ensure that you are able to experience their campus in (usually) half a day or less. That being the case, make sure you set up your visit online or by giving the Admissions Office a call.

2) Get the official tour: It’s important to see the campus. It’s more important still to see as much of the campus as possible in the short amount of time you have available. Ask any college student or recent college graduate and they’ll tell you, there are parts of the campus that you won’t find until your last year. That being said, taking the official tour will help you see all the best/most important parts much quicker than four years.

3) See your future room: While I don’t mean that you should actually ask to see your exact future room and write your name on it, you do need to see the type of room you will be living in. In your search for your future university, you will see a variety of dorm situations. The saying, “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” does not apply to college dorms, make this a priority!

4) Try the food: I really like food. I’m guessing you also really like food. Now that we can agree on that, let’s get down to point number four. You are about to choose a new place to live for the next four years of your life; you better like the food. It’s a simple idea but one that is often overlooked. You check out the exercise facilities, nice. You check out the academic buildings, also important. You even remember to check out the dorms, great! Before you leave, you need to add, “try the food” to your list. Don’t leave campus until you do.

5) Connect with your academic department of choice: There are a many reasons to choose a university. However, one of the best reasons to choose a university is based on their academic programs. As you read this, you may have an idea of what you want to major in. If that’s the case, make sure you find time to visit that academic department at whatever university you are visiting. If you don’t know exactly what you want to major in yet, that’s okay too! Go ahead, pick the academic department you are most interested in and give them a visit.

Many universities will have all of these components built into your visit when you schedule. However, if the university you are visiting does not include all of these components; make sure to check with the Admissions Office, they may be able to make arrangements. Above all, make sure you visit all the universities you are serious about!

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