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Elliot Leung, Wheaton College

“In my independent studies I was put in scenarios where it’s 1:1 identical to what I’m doing now . . . I was orchestrating new music every day for a semester. That hands-on course honed my critical thinking skills in perceiving music as a whole.”

Dave Munson, Multnomah University

“To put it simply, Saddleback’s goal is this: To love people around the world by making excessively high-quality leather designs.”

Dr. William Ranahan, Oral Roberts University

“I’m not just interested in getting my students technically proficient. Research is 99% failure. We’re going without a guide, but we don’t have to. So, we say, ‘I’m going to put the tools in your hands,’ and then let God guide us. We’re going to listen.”

Isaac Peabody, Northwest University

“I took all of my electives in Northwest University’s Creatio program, which is all recording arts based. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now without that knowledge.”


Dr. Enrico Manlapig, Westmont College

“A rigorous Christian education helps students to think independently and carefully about ideas that might not be popular, but that matter deeply to them. At Westmont, students regularly have intellectual conversations about spiritual identities and spiritual conversations about intellectual identities.”

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“They Found Their Focus” features eight more alumni. Be inspired by snapshots of our graduates who have unique professions . . .

Hope & Wade King, Anderson University SC

The Kings are AU grads and master educators of the famed Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

Hope: “I want to reach as many teachers as possible to affect the lives of students.”
Wade: “What Anderson University poured into us, one of the foundations of the education department, is the light you can be for others.”


William Sikkema, Trinity Western University

“Being educated at a Christian university allowed me to see how my faith played out in the context of other academic disciplines. This was especially helpful for me as a Christian and a scientist. As a scientist, every time I walk into lab, I’m walking into a place where I meet the mysteries of creation, and through them, the Creator.”

The search for higher education is often characterized by stress and a lack of direction. There is no better tool for sparking direction, creating encouragement, and providing information for life’s next big step . . . I LOVE THE Guide!

Dawn K. Willcox, CGP

College Admissions Counseling and Advising, Central Christian School

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