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Elliot Leung, Wheaton College

“In my independent studies I was put in scenarios where it’s 1:1 identical to what I’m doing now. For example, during my advanced orchestration independent study with Dr. Daniel Sommerville, I was orchestrating new music every day for a semester. That hands-on course honed my critical thinking skills perceiving music as a whole.”

Dr. Gerry Woodworth, Mid-Atlantic Christian University

“One of the primary benefits of a Christian education is that it allows students to learn and mature in an environment that will support their faith. Seeing students’ eyes opened to the intricate mechanisms and processes that God has designed into His creation is one of the most enjoyable things about teaching.”

Andy Olsen, Asbury University

“Stories are more important for our culture than ever. They’re a tool God has given us to interact with difficult and complex subjects, and sometimes, hard truths.”

Steve Smith, Northwest University

Steve Smith has spent over 42 years in the heart of the music industry.

“The Lord led me to take part in the creation of a new program that answered the call to train up the next generation in the audio arts and technology. My philosophy is to create an atmosphere of open curiosity about the subject matter coupled with a considerable amount of hands on experiences in the studios.”


Dr. Donald J. Patterson, Westmont College

Dr. Patterson helped develop Westmont’s new data analytics major and computer science minor. “I’m doing research centered on developing resilience in computing systems as a way to respond to environmental changes. For example, developing a smart greenhouse to enable people to easily grow more of their own food…”

William Sikkema, Trinity Western University

“Being educated at a Christian university allowed me to see how my faith played out in the context of other academic disciplines. This was especially helpful for me as a Christian and a scientist. As a scientist, every time I walk into lab, I’m walking into a place where I meet the mysteries of creation, and through them, the Creator.”

Hope & Wade King, Anderson University SC

The Kings are AU grads and master educators of the famed Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

Hope: “I want to reach as many teachers as possible to affect the lives of students.”
Wade: “What Anderson University poured into us, one of the foundations of the education department, is the light you can be for others.”


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Dawn K. Willcox, CGP

College Admissions Counseling and Advising, Central Christian School

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