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The best way to tell you about our campuses is to let our faculty and graduates tell their stories.  Click on the stories below and Download The Guide to read more.

Dr. Robert Leland, Oral Robert University

“A good Christian education prepares students to serve Christ with a trained mind. It goes beyond philosophy to include seeing real needs, thinking creatively about solutions, and delivering those solutions to the people who need them.”

Chris Ewert, Wheaton College

“I see the inequality and problems that oil consumption causes for the poorest in the world and I see the concern that Jesus displayed for the poor.  Sometimes coming up with a new way of doing something can have a cascading effect much larger than the business itself.”

Dr. Joshua Ziefle, Northwest University

“I love the opportunity to work with young people in the process of discernment, intellectual development, and the coming realization (especially in ministry students) that the work in which they are engaging has relevance to their life and calling.”

Kate Gazaway, Gardner-Webb University

“A Christian education provides an anchor and foundation…It provides direction and guidance for the ‘big questions’ such as ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’ which as essential into developing your perspective of the world.  I believe it is because of a Christian education that I have developed empathy for those I work with, seeing then as Christ sees them with a deep love rather than a self-serving “hero” mentality.”

Dr. Raymond Porter, Huntington University

“This is a great opportunity for Christian students interested in agriculture.  They don’t have to choose between going to a Christian college (or) studying agriculture.  They can do both at institutions like Huntington University, and I’m glad to be a part of making that possible.”

Dr. Tim McKnight, Anderson University

“Christian education is beneficial in helping students understand how a Christian worldview impacts their academic discipline and future employment.  Christian education can help students understand how they can be used of God to advance the Kingdom of Christ within their field of study.”

Ric Speakman, Asbury University

“Asbury turns out strong, competitive professionals in the science, math and medical fields ~ my brothers are a testament to that.  The faculty are subject matter experts in their fields and the small class sizes are conductive to an engaged, focused and personalized learning experience.”


Dr. Abner Chou, The Master’s College and Seminary

“My goal for students is to make them fall in love with God and His Word.  I want them to know how the Scripture connects together as well as its details. My goal is to teach the Bible in accordance with how it demands to be taught ~ with careful study that upholds it’s authority and inspiration, with a life that lives it out…..”

No other tool exists like The Guide to direct students, parents and counselors to comprehensive information about Christian higher education.  Any search of Christian options in higher education should begin with The Guide.

Jodi Foxx

Director of College Counseling, Charlotte Christian School

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