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Matt Webb, Huntington University

“As Christians, I believe we should approach education in any form as an opportunity to grow in our minds, souls and relationships with God and others regardless of the content we study or teach, or the institution in which we teach or learn.”

Dr. Jeffery Deal, Anderson University

“Done well, Christian education can set a tone for business and a professional life that students can carry for a lifetime. Any educational experience, if it is to be complete, must include an understanding of the maker of the universe and all that is in it. Anything less is…well, just less.”

Elliot Leung, Wheaton College

“In my independent studies I was put in scenarios where it’s 1:1 identical to what I’m doing now. For example, during my advanced orchestration independent study with Dr. Daniel Sommerville, I was orchestrating new music every day for a semester. That hands-on course honed my critical thinking skills perceiving music as a whole.”

Hollie Schaub, John Brown University

“My worldview and understanding God’s heart for the world grew vastly at JBU. I grew in my understanding of the gospel and that it is not just understood in our hearts, but also modeled out through our actions. I was mentored by amazing professors and staff that embodied characteristics I wanted to emulate.”

Andrea Nasfell, Asbury University

“Most of the films I am hired to write already have some element of faith in them, whether they are meant to have a strong message or they are simply stories about people of faith. It’s really rewarding to hear back from viewers about how a movie touched their lives in some way.”

Dr. Donald J. Patterson, Westmont College

“I really enjoy seeing the students catch a little bit of passion about a technical subject or expand on something that they have learned in class out of a sense of curiosity. I love the intellectual dialog that happens in a classroom and I like having students that force me to keep my arguments clean and solid.”

LaMorris Crawford, Olivet Nazarene University

“The most rewarding experience I have had professionally was when I baptized players from my team. It was rewarding to watch them step into the next level of discipleship on their walk with Christ.”


Dr. Joshua Ziefle, Northwest University

“Receiving a Lilly Grant for $427,000 has made a lot of waves and certainly made me feel successful. This said, perhaps my greatest moment was when a former ministry student came back to share in one of my classes and said that what she wished she had done in school was not to study more nuts and bolts ministry ‘stuff,’ but more theology and Bible. Not to diminish the pragmatics, but my philosophy has always been that knowing why we do things is more important and foundational (at least initially) than how.”

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Jodi Foxx

Director of College Counseling, Charlotte Christian School

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