How’s your school year going so far? Are you enjoying the semester? Have you even had time to stop to reflect on what is happening around you? If I had to guess, I would say that many of us have made it through these past few months without considering how this school year is shaping us. Did you even notice that there are only 3-4 months left in the school year?

When I stop to think honestly about my life, I realize that I’m not living in the moment. I find it difficult to be present where I am, because my brain has magically transported me to somewhere in the future. For you, that place in the future is likely a location on your dream college campus. For me, I am thinking about the incoming class that will arrive in August or the best way to get freshmen and sophomores to consider Regent in 2017, 2018 (yes, colleges plan that far ahead). We all get trapped in thinking about what’s next.

Questions about financial aid packages, college decisions, what you will do during the summer after graduation, and what career you will pursue…these all take us to somewhere in the distant future. It’s easy to feel the pressure to use today to create what only the future can determine. You should consider the answers to these questions, but I encourage you to not let them consume you.

I’d like to suggest that you allow yourself to enjoy where you are now and who you are now. You won’t ever be in this same place again, with these same people, knowing what you know at this time. Tomorrow you will be different, next week you will have grown, with next year will come new dreams and talents. You will discover so much about yourself over time. Give yourself permission to take time each day to look around and take a mental snapshot of the moment. Be strategic and set aside some specific times to focus on your future and do the things that get you where God is leading you. Outside of that, enjoy being who you are today. When you are so focused on the future, you miss the present. Cherish these last few months of high school or enjoy the foundation you might be gaining through community college. Whatever place you are in your education, appreciate that this is all part of shaping that future you are dreaming of now. The road to the future goes through today, don’t miss the scenery on your journey.

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