As you, parents and students, decide which college is the right decision by May 1st, I’d like to remind you of 3 things:

God is with you.  Jesus is Emmanuel: God with us.  He is an ever-present help in times of trouble.  You are not alone as you pray, see financial aid packages, get rejected by your dream school, or visit campus one last time.

A bad college decision will not ruin your life forever.  God is the great Creator who designed us with free will.  He is also the one who forgives us for sin and brings us back to Himself.  In some Christian circles we are made to believe that if we stray off of the predetermined course that all is lost.  I’d like to remind you: God has grace for you.  Have grace for yourself or your student.

God is your provider.  The media is constantly reminding us that if we don’t get the right degree we won’t get the right job.  Or perhaps you’ve heard that if you go in debt, you’ll never get out.  I am not encouraging you to be unwise, but let’s remember God is the one who provides for us.  If He clothes the lilies of the field and gives homes to the sparrows, then He will remember His people and care for their needs.

You have a big decision ahead and God is on your side.  Fear not!



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