It is April. You have been so focused on finishing high school that college has barely entered your mind. You are now weeks from graduation and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps you have started to wonder, “What’s next”? If what is next for you is college, rest assured, you can still find, apply to, get accepted at, and land at the right school for you. 

Your first thought might be, “It’s too late for me to get scholarships to go to college.” It is true that most scholarships that are competitive in nature have already been handed out. There are many you have simply missed out on by waiting too late to apply. However, they are not all gone. Schools often have scholarships that are attached to having a certain GPA or SAT/ACT score and you can receive no matter when you apply. Thankfully, the FAFSA and the financial aid attached to it are also still available. You may not be able to get every dollar you could have if you started looking for colleges in September, but college is still likely a financial possibility for you.

You may also be thinking, “If I go visit a college over the summer I won’t get to see what it is really like.” You may not be able to see the college you visit in full-on school mode, but colleges are still busy and exciting places over the summer. Most host conferences, athletic competitions, camps, and other events. Schools like Indiana Wesleyan University also have summer visit days planned specifically to host students who couldn’t visit until the summer.  If you do a personal visit day, there will likely be students that have stayed on campus during the summer. You can meet them during your visit and I am sure they would be happy to give you their perspective on their school.

“But,” you counter, “They probably aren’t accepting applications anymore.” Some schools only have a limited number of slots for students, but most are not like that. Most schools have what is called rolling admission and accept applications at any point leading up to their move-in weekend. You have the time to apply. The question is do you have the drive?

When I graduated from high school I had already chosen to attend Gardner-Webb University with a friend of mine. We had two other friends who had not thought much about college until after they walked the stage and received their diploma. They both thought it was too late to start looking for a college but we encouraged them to apply to Gardner-Webb and in the fall we all started college together.

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