I recently came across a very compelling video telling the story of Chris Norman, a star linebacker for the Michigan State University Spartans. Norman was a three-year starter for MSU and team captain his senior year. When he finished his senior season a year ago, there were rumors that he might have a chance to play in the National Football League.

Instead of pursuing the NFL, he decided to go to seminary and into the ministry. Naturally, a lot of folks thought Norman was crazy to give up the dream of playing professional football, as well as the fame and fortune that can accompany an NFL career.

Perhaps you’re thinking about going to a Christian college. Maybe you’re even considering a career that isn’t very lucrative . . . teaching, youth ministry, social work, missions. And there might possibly be a few people who say that you’re crazy to pursue this thing that you feel God has called you to.

If that’s your story—or even if you just enjoy college football—invest eleven minutes in watching this video. It might help you think about whether you’ve been chasing the wrong priorities or how you can answer those who question your decision to follow the path God has set before you.


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