A Summer Prayer for Parents and Rising Seniors

It’s coming!  In only a few short months the rising seniors will officially start their college application process.  Much of our preparation for this process is done; students have visited colleges, taken at least one standardized test, prepared their resumes and asked for letters of recommendation.  We’re ready, right?

There’s one more thing that is arguably more important than everything else we’ve done so far — prayer.  Thankfully, the slower pace of summer is the perfect time for parents to find a quiet, not-going-in-a-million-directions moment to pray with their child about college, career, roommates, etc.  Whether or not you regularly pray with your child, I encourage you to seek that peaceful moment this summer and take your opportunity.  Don’t worry about being eloquent or perfect with your words because God simply wants us to come to him in sincere faith.  Think instead about the power of prayer and how wonderful it feels to have the Master of the Universe helping you parent your child.  Think also about the lesson you will teach your child about the importance of prayer before major life decisions.  The privilege to come to our God in honest, humble prayer is huge.  Take your opportunity!

To get you started, I thought you might appreciate my prayer for my twin stepchildren who are finishing their junior year of high school.  I’ll be looking for my moment to pray with them this summer too, and here are some of the things we’ll be praying for:

Father God, how wonderful you are!  Thank you for your guidance so far and for the guidance I know you will continue to provide.  Thank you for loving us and caring for us and standing besides us always.

As we settle on our list of colleges, please offer direction.  Have we missed a college we ought to consider?  Have we included the colleges that you know will fit them well?  Re-direct us if needed Father.  We want to follow your path.

I pray that they will each find a college that challenges them academically, that teaches them to think deeper and more clearly, that prepares them for a career.  I pray too that you will help them to meet that challenge and will surround them with professors, advisors and friends that offer advice and instruction when that challenge feels too hard.

I pray for direction as they settle on a major and ponder how they will use their gifts and talents in a career.  Please reveal their strengths to them and show them how to use those strengths.  Provide them with meaningful work to do and equip them with the tools and preparation needed to do that work well.

I pray that they will each find dear friends in college too, and pray especially for their roommates.  Father, as you direct our children to college I know you direct others as well.  I pray for iron-sharpens-iron friendships for both of them, for friends that love you and for friends that will love them.  I pray for roommates whose company they enjoy.  I pray for them to have patience and kindness as they adjust to living with a roommate.

More importantly than anything else, I pray for their relationship with you.  I pray that you will use the experiences of senior year to draw them closer to you, that they will lean on you as they wait for their college plans to unfold and in those moments when they’re nervous about the changes ahead.  I pray that their college experience will give them boundless opportunities to know you more, through a church or a campus ministry or friends or professors or any combination of all of these things.  Surround them with people who love you and draw them into a deeper understanding of who you are and how you work in their lives.

And Father, please guide their father and me.  Show us how to love them well through this process.  Give us discernment and wisdom to direct them in accordance with your ways.  Help us to create a peaceful environment, not being the source of stress or worry but rather enable us to trust you in a way that helps our children to trust you.

You are good and loving and wise beyond our understanding.  You see all things and know all things.  Guide us and direct us.  Create obedient and humble hearts in us.  Care for us as only you can.  Thank you for your faithfulness and perfect wisdom.  We give ourselves and our lives to you.  May we please you with every word spoken and action taken.


I wish you a peaceful and God-filled summer.


Jodi Foxx

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