“There’s no place like home”. We all know the feeling. After that long trip away, when you finally get to climb in to your own familiar bed. For many people the thought of leaving home is worrying. Scary even. As an admissions counselor, I often hear from students that have ultimately based their college decision on being closer to home. In some situations, this can be the best decision. But if you have found the college of your dreams, and it is just the thought of leaving home that’s holding you back, here are a few things to think on.

Personal Growth. Yes, moving away is scary, but it is also an amazing opportunity for growth. A new place provides a new perspective. Get ready to gain a whole new understanding of yourself, and the place you currently call home.

  1. Whether it’s discovering a new favorite coffee shop, exploring the great outdoors or something as small as the local grocery store – new experiences await you at every turn. The every-day becomes an adventure as you explore new places and take in new sights!
  2. This is such an important piece of the college experience. Whether you stay close or go farther afield, my hope is that you find yourself in the midst of an awesome community, and it’s important to make the most of it. As scary as it is to arrive somewhere new, not knowing anyone, it can make you more invested in diving in and making this community your own. You won’t be alone in the situation, and there’s nothing like new experiences and challenges to bond people together! Don’t forget – you have a unique perspective and life experience that your new community just might need.

So sure, there is no place like home. But is there only one place? I remember the moment I realized that my college had become my “home”; that familiar place I found comfort in. Yes, I still loved and missed my family home, but I realized it was never the case of one or the other. My heart had simply expanded to make room for both. Since then, I’ve moved and found more places to call “home”. I even made the enormous leap from life in England to the west coast of the USA. With each move I’ve experienced challenges, but I have also seen great growth. I understand myself in new and different ways. I make new friends, but I also keep the old (Skype and FaceTime work wonders). And I now have favorite coffee shops in cities across the world.

Where will your new home be?

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