Admit it.  You’ve got questions that you’re afraid to ask.

College is supposed to be fun.  Won’t I be missing out if I go to a Christian college?

That depends. Let’s be honest, if you’re hoping for a social scene built around a party culture, a Christian college probably isn’t for you.

But, if you’re asking if a Christian college will be fun, the answer is yes. You will make great friends, do things you’ve never done before, have adventures and get plenty of chances to be a little crazy. Going to a Christian college will be lots of fun.

College is about serious scholarship. Can I really learn to be great in my field at a Christian college?

Absolutely. Professors at Christian colleges are cancer researchers and physicists, authors and producers, former CEOs and secret agents, aerospace engineers and architects of public policy.  They are also Christians. 

College is about exploring new ideas. Can I really think freely at a Christian college?

Yes. A Christian university can’t make you believe anything. It can bring you face to face with important questions, and what bigger questions are there than questions about faith and meaning? Christian universities don’t dance around those topics, and they expect that their students won’t either. Students at Christian schools study scripture and talk about the uncertainties, joys, and applications of faith, but it isn’t Sunday School, it’s college.  If you turn in assignments that sound just like the lecture or reading, you’re not going to make it.  Your professors will expect you to think critically, ask hard questions, and defend your positions, whatever they are.

I’m already a Christian, so why should I go to a Christian school?

Because amazing things happen when you are part of a community that is focused on scholarship AND asking honest questions in sincere pursuit of God. Because growing in your faith isn’t just about knowledge, but about the people you surround yourself with. Because God has good work for all of us to do, and Christian universities are determined to help you recognize it and do it well.

I’m not sure I believe in what Christianity teaches/I am not a Christian.  Why should I choose a Christian school?

Christian universities are safe places to explore who you are and what you believe. Students at Christian universities come from many different backgrounds, but almost all of them are looking for truth, and trying to face up to life’s biggest, hardest questions.

If you are the least bit curious about God, the least bit unsure, then be a seeker. If you want to find something, you have to start by looking for it, and a Christian university is a place where you can do that. 

Aren’t Christian schools for people who are afraid of the “real world?”

No! No one should choose a Christian school because they’re afraid of something. You should choose a Christian school if you are able to look at all the worst of the world, and instead of running, you want to make it better. Christian schools are for people who believe they can be part of something big, something miraculous, something that they cannot accomplish on their own. 



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