Two for Five: Planning a Step Ahead and Saving Money

You are likely reading this blog because you are trying to find a good college. You are probably worried about scholarships, making friends, and who your roommate will be. Don’t freak out, but I want to talk to you about something that probably seems light years away: getting a master’s degree.

If you happen to be one of the few who knows exactly what they want to do when they grow up, I want to encourage you to look for schools that offer a master’s degree in the area you hope to major in. Often colleges and universities will have a School of Business, a School of Social Work, a School of Science, etc. If so, they may have a very attractive offer for you: getting your bachelor’s and your master’s in just five years.

Most people assume they will be in school for four years. In Two for Five programs you finish your bachelor’s degree in three years and then your master’s in two. You spend just one extra year in school and get a higher degree.  This will give you a better chance at landing a job right out of school. It will open more doors for your future. It will save you money in overall tuition and will help you make more money after you graduate.

Let me use just one example: social work. Social work is an honorable field, one that is dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, like many helping professions, it is usually not a high paying profession unless you have your master’s degree. In social work a master’s degree (called an MSW or an MSSW) is the terminal degree. This means it is considered the highest practical degree in its field, one that allows someone with the degree to hold any position in social work, even allowing them to teach at the undergraduate and graduate level (after accumulating a few years of experience). People with a master’s degree in social work[1] make on average $9,000 a year more than those with just a bachelor’s degree in social work.[2]

I used social work as an example, but this is available for other majors as well: business, engineering, chemistry, biology, education, computer science, criminal justice, English, environmental sciences, history, mathematics, political science, sociology, psychology, and more.

We are all looking for ways to save money and to make more money. Two for Five programs help motivated students do both.

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